An Awakening World

It is with great interest that I’ve been listening to the news coming out of the middle east lately. My estimation of the Egyptian people has risen ten fold since they finally rose up and threw off the bonds of dictatorship.

And now more and more countries are following the Egyptian example. Its about time political leaders and rulers the world over were made to realize that power gained by violence is no power at all.

It is unfortunate that so many people have to lose their lives in the struggle for freedom, but in my estimation even death is more freedom than what some of them have been living under.

I have never been very political but I find what I’m hearing in the news very heartening. If I found myself living in a regime such as these I too would do whatever it took to gain freedom for my fellow man.

I guess all of our lives in countries like Canada and the USA we have taken for granted the freedoms we enjoy. Freedom of speech, access to jobs, ownership of homes and businesses and so many other simple everyday freedoms that we accept as our birthright.

I for one, applaud the efforts of these new seekers of democracy and pray for their success. No price is too high to pay for the dignity of the human race.