Here’s What I Think About Buying a Used Diesel Truck and More

rev up your engines, Chris Mill says, Scotty why do these clowns with Diesel's with over 120,000 miles want so much for their trucks, the rest of the truck is a regular truck, well because everybody wants a diesel that can pull a lot of weight and still get decent gas mileage, you know if you're pulling stuff with a gasoline engine, you're gonna get horrible gas mileage, but a diesel doesn't it care if it's pulling itself or pulling a bunch of weight, it's still gonna get about the same gas mileage and that's the reason they sell them for so much money, it's just the way the market is and there's nothing you can do about that, if you want one you're gonna have to pay more money because that's just how the market is these days, Ali says Scotty I got a 1966 Rambler Classic, any tips on bleeding the brakes, yeah it's an old car it's simple, all you want to do is, get another person and have them pump the brakes, then bleed the right rear tire, do it four or five times, then bleed the left rear tire, do it four or five times, then bleed the right front tire, do it four or five times, then bleed the other tire in the front, four or five times, that should do it, now if you can't get the air out that way, then you got a bad master cylinder or something that's sucking air in, those all cars are real easy to bleed brake, because it doesn't have anti-lock brakes, all the modern cars with the anti-lock brakes you have to have a fancy computer like I have in order to actuate the solenoids and bleed the air out, but on that old thing it's so simple, just do one wheel at a time like I said and you won't have any problems, Kay says, Scotty I have 1997 Celica 18 160 horsepower manual around 300,000 kilometers, I think it burns some oil are the 7af engines proned to burning oil, can it be the PCV valve, okay change the PCV valve and after that there's nothing you can do the engine is going to be worn, you got a lot of mileage 300,000 kilometers, if I were you I'd switch to Castrol and use like their 2050 oil and see what happens, it won't hurt an old engine like that, and a lot of times it'll burn less oil because it's better engine oil, try that they're good engines, their very good engines, but you got a lot of mileage so it's gonna probably burn a little bit of oil but you put in the heavier weight castrol oil and change the PCV valve and see maybe it'll burn a lot less that way, I often do that when I work on people's cars like that, Gavin Vicar says, my girlfriend's 2000 Yaris has a hissing sound from the brakes as they come to stop, I change the brake booster, master cylinder, vacuum lines, but it still hisses, okay did you change the check valve on the booster, if you've got a bad check valve on the booster, it will hiss and you know that should fix it, now you said you change the booster, but did you use a brand new one, or a rebuilt one because if you use a rebuilt one, the rebuilt ones are often absolute junk and they'll still hiss so it could just be that you used a rebuilt one and you shouldn't have used a rebuilt one, you should have used a brand new one, I see that all the time and of course check lines going to the booster to make sure that there's no loose, you know they just fit on, you might want to put a little radiator screw clamp where they go on instead of that cheap clamp that they come with, DylanSand say, my dad has 49 Studebaker that blows the 50 amp fuses and dies right in the tracks when you turn the wipers you know what's wrong with it well it's got something wrong in the wiper system you know, if it only does it when you turn the wipers on either the fuse that turns the wipers on or the wiring go to the wiper or the wiper motor is shorted and dead, so you got to start testing all that stuff, the easiest thing is first, unplug the connector to the wipers, then if you turn it on and it doesn't blow it, you know it's the wiper motor, if it still blows up then you know it's the fuse or the wiring going to the wiper, you check it sections at a time, anytime you have electrical problems you want to check it one section to the other, that's just how that stuff works, simple always simplify stuff especially electrical work when you're working on it, Ed Colt 54 says, thoughts on cars going to these push start and buttons I hate them, I hate it too because I have to fix them and it's such a pain, I have the computers that can fix them but it's still a pain in the butt when it says well I gotta go to the dealer and buy the special computer module and reprogram them and then somebody you know get a new key for your car used to cost you a buck and a half from the hardware store, I had a customer that lost their key that was one of those keyless systems on a Toyota Prius and it cost his like 1200 bucks at the Toyota dealer, so I hate him too, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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