New Beginnings

After being on the road for a month, from the 12th of December till the 10th of January, and finally getting some time home, I now have no excuse not to post to this badly neglected blog. It seems strange to be sitting home all this time with no destination in mind nor weather and road conditions to be concerned about.

The truck has been in the shop ever since I got home. First in the bodyshop to have the step faring damage repaired and then in the main shop at Nova to find out why the controls in the steering wheel ceased working only a week after they replaced the entire steering system, and also to have the engine oil leak fixed, which has been ongoing for several months now.

It turns out the problem in the steering wheel controls was something called a clock spring. Seems to be a strange component for an entirely electronic system but that’s what it was. They ordered the part in “air overnight” but it didn’t arrive Friday morning so my home time is being extended until Monday as the steering wheel is still apart awaiting reassembly.

When I do finally hit the road again on Monday I will be heading for Dartmouth to pick up another load of John Deere crankshafts going to Wisconsin.

In the meantime my long awaited visit home allowed Marilyn and I to finally celebrate our Christmas together. Opening gifts seemed about the same as if we had done it on the correct day, and the lovely Christmas turkey supper she prepared was, I’m sure, just as delicious as the one she served the rest of our family members during Chrismas week.

My first duty Tuesday was to fire up the snow blower and clear the driveway of the approximately 10 cms of snow which had fallen prior to my arrival home. Wednesday night we were on the receiving end of one of our famous “Nor’easters” which dumped 15 or 20 cms of snow on us accompanied by high winds. This gave me the opportunity for some more snow blowing. More snow is expected Sunday night I believe, so I may get to do it one more time before I head out. Kind of nice of the snowfalls to time themselves according to my time home. I don’t suppose that trend will continue however.

I spent a couple of days building a new wooden bird feeder to erect outside the window of Marilyn’s photography studio.  We have tried using the plastic ones in the past but they just don’t stand up to winter conditions.  So far no takers at the feeder but I’m sure once the word gets out that there is food to be had at the Gould house once more, we’ll have plenty of guests.  The neighbor spotted a cardinal at her feeder a few days ago so who knows, there may be some new subjects on Marilyn’s photo site soon.