Street Safe Ep. 07 – Cab Drivers and U

Welcome back, welcome back! Here’s the situation: A cyclist (me) is cruising down the road in a bike lane when… here comes the cab A taxi driver u-turns to pick up a fare

This U-turn was legal The driver waited for the traffic on their side of the road to stop and I had enough space to safely come to a stop as well That doesn’t change the fact that everyone here knows what the driver did was wrong I’ll turn up the audio a bit While I appreciate the apology, this pedestrian should have known a cab driver traveling the opposite direction would U-turn

But maybe this person had higher expectations Maybe they thought the driver would follow what the the MTO Driver’s Handbook says “To make a U-turn, signal for a right turn, check your mirror and over your shoulder and pull over to the right side of the road Stop Signal a left turn and when traffic is clear in both directions, move forward and turn quickly and sharply into the opposite lane Check for traffic as you turn

” The cab driver did very little of this but there was no collision so there were no clear violations of the Highway Traffic Act However, what should have happened here is that the pedestrian should have waited to hail a cab traveling on their side of the road If you hail a cab five lanes over and traveling the opposite direction in heavy traffic they’ll still come to you You can expect them to do that Remember to like, subscribe and share with that friend that doesn’t understand the consequences of their actions

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